Thursday, December 17, 2009

Bitter...But Better.

I've been bitter recently...not to myself, but more-so toward others (just a few though) of which I won't reveal any names. The bitterness has been on my mind and tongue, but I've been holding it in, holdin' my tongue, which I believe is the right thing to do...Until now. What am I bitter about you say? Well...simple, really. Just leave me be...and let me do me. Don't be telling me to do something or say something that I won't or don't believe in doing or saying; For me, this is not right. Whatever you do, I will refuse...unless it's something reasonable, logical...something that I see will be good, and make sense. Then we'll talk. But unless it's some other b.s., well, tough. Go find someone else for that ish. You don't like how I say things that matter and care to help you out? Tough. Deal with it...'Cause I care about you. It's how I set an example(s) and be a role-model. I hate to sugar-coat things and others who do that as well. I tell it how it is; Honesty. Get used to me. Oh, and I ain't your babysitter. People like you upset me and I'm sure others are upset because of you people who are like that. Don't tell me how to play, I'll play how I want to play because I know that what and when I play that it's right because I know what's right, how it's right, and when it's right to play. Go at it with your own style of play...Go at it with your own kinda beat; Be original and creative...Don't be bitin', coppin', and frontin' on others...for this is not right. You're FAKE. I'll teach and train...but I won't show my style. Respect me and for sure you'll get the respect and other thangs that you deserve; Be YOU...True, honest, humble, patience, wisdom...and you know, all those other things. Put up or shut-up...Just let me be, and you'll be in good hands =)



P.S. Thought I'd post a couple vids courtesy of X Okayplayer. The following is from the Okayplayer Holiday Jam. Why I post this up...? Probably has a connection/relation with this post (odd, I know), me, and for the love of Hip-Hop. I ain't rebelling...This just makes me happy and to know that I have this free-form expression, regardless; F@#* the rest...

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