Thursday, December 31, 2009

'09 'Til I Dine...

2009 was a wild year--good and bad, smooth and rough. Let's also not forget those countless deaths that have happend, too. That ish was really rough... Anyways, it's about 10:36PM here in Chicago, at my friend's crib hangin', loungin', and coolin' out...just a little get-together with some good old fashioned homecooked Filipino food. Yum! Too bad my parents aren't here. They're actually working, but I wish them a Happy New Year in advance. Thanks!

So, 2009...Hmmm...For me, it's actually been a great year for me, but hit a few bumps along the way, not too serious, but it sure woke me up. But to look back at 2009 in a positive face, lately what resurfaced in my life is my whole new look on things in life and in me, I felt like my faith has come back and help guide me, which I'm quite thankful for and blessed. I also found myself cracking open the Bible and actually reading several books so far and has taught me so much more. I've felt more wiser, more humble, and patient with myself, not also that my faith had come back, but I've grown, matured, and experienced things in my life in the past 12 months. Not also that I've allowed myself more to help myself, but also to help and be the dopest friend to others, regardless. Even if I tell it how it is...I mean, that's how I am. I'm grateful, thankful, and blessed.

In '10, I look forward to so much more in my life and in the lives of others...Let's see what 2010 will bring me and grab for...


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