Thursday, January 14, 2010


I just watched G4tv's Attack of The Show and I saw this--the Eigenharp by Eigenlabs. Cost...? About $5,600. Yup. I so would wanna freak with this...Maybe buy it myself. Heck, I think it's worth it...

Hardware Specification:

133 keys in all.
120 keys on the main keyboard.
12 percussion keys on the lower part of the instrument.
Plus one mute key.

Key Properties:
Sampled at 2000 samples/second, per key.
11 bit (2048 values) resolution.
Sensitive to direct pressure and to lateral pressure in both directions.

Breath pipe:
Sampled at 2000 samples/second.
12 bit (4096 value) resolution.
Bidirectional, sensitive to blown and drawn breath.
Removable, interchangeable mouthpiece for hygiene.

2 Strip Controllers:
One on each side of the instrument, 480mm long.
Sampled at 2000 samples/second per strip.
11 bit (2048 values) resolution.

Headphone output:
48kHz sampling rate, 24-bit DAC Sigma-Delta.
Software programmable volume.
Mute, soft ramp and zero cross detection for volume adjustment.
SNR = 95dB.
THD <>

Microphone input/preamp: Balanced input on an industry standard 4 pin LEMO locking connector. 24 bit at 96khz A/D converter. Low noise programmable gain from 10 to 55db in 1db steps. Software switchable 48V phantom power. 8.2V Electret polarisation power available, requires specific cable. Noise: EIN= (A-weighted) -120dBu with 150 Ohm source 20Hz to 20kHz, 50 dB gain. EIN Un-wtd= -125dBu with same conditions as A-weighted. 26dB software switchable input pad. Recommended uni-directional (cardioid or supercardioid patterns) microphones: Sony ECM66BC, Audio Technica AT898C and AT831C, Sure WL184, DPA 4080 and DPA 4022. Note: Custom wiring for each microphone is required Base Station: 2 inputs for continuous control expression pedals: Suitable for use with Boss FV50 and FV500 volume pedals. Suitable for use with Yamaha FC3 continuous control sprung sustain pedals. USB 2 interface to host computer. 2 inputs for foot switches.

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