Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Leave It All Behind.

So this is probably the FIRST ever post in such a long time and well, quite frankly, I've just been lazy and not feeling it lately with myself...Haven't gotten motivated or inspired lately to write ANYTHING that meant something to me, share stuff, whatever. I hope, though, that somewhere along the road I'll start to get something started in my head to write something. Not taking the time to write at least something blog worthy. Lately, I've just been so out of it lately. Here and with myself. And no, not really depressed or anything, don't worry. I've just have a lot of things in my head and in me that it's overwhelming and can't really explain very well. I guess I'm a littlew disorganized and disheveled. But all in all...I'm okay, really. Anyways, I digress...

I guess I'll make it up with this post, however. Reason being is that I've been listening to tons and tons of music and new music lately and I'm not talking about just LISTENING to it for my own pleasure and entertainment, like all you others (respectively speaking). I mean, when I say I listen...I listen to music more than just for pleasure or entertainment, but as for a passion, a significance, and meaning to what the song or maybe a beat, rhythm, solo, riff, or melody maybe telling me. And it's those songs and, well, music in general does to me. Anyways, here's what I mean. A song off The Foreign Exchange titled "Leave It All Behind." This song is my favorite out of the album because this song just brings you back to you being just a kid and what life is in general. When I first heard this song when I grabbed the album when it dropped in 2008, it just blew me away by the lyrics and the rhythm. As soon as it was over, I knew that it was this very song that I would love to play or maybe sing to when I have a son...or maybe a daughter or two. It's this and any kind of song that just makes you stop, think, and listen to your inner-self and reflect on life...


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